Carbon Neutral Solutions

To address the climate emergency all the UK’s housing stock will have to meet at least EPC Band C by 2030. 71% of UK housing doesn’t yet meet this standard. This includes over 4m social housing units.

The scale of this challenge is shadowed by the need to achieve net carbon zero housing stock by 2050. A massive (and largely unquantified) programme is needed to install insulation, zero carbon heating and renewable energy systems.


Piecemeal approaches to the climate emergency will be too slow and unpredictable. They expose social landlords to significant risks over delivery times and costs.


Osborne Property Services collaboration with sustainable construction specialists and key supplier partners offers social housing providers a comprehensive and fully integrated zero carbon retrofit service. This includes asset condition surveys, scoping, planning, supply chain management and delivery of large scale retrofit programmes.


Social housing providers face significant challenges. These include:


  • Current retrofit plans won’t meet the targets.
  • Stock condition and EPC performance is uncertain.
  • Gaps in the supply chain and skills.
  • Cost inefficiencies from a piecemeal approach.
  • Resident customers need to be engaged.
  • Time is short and the urgency is real.


Osborne Property Services have the skills, capacity and process to overcome each of these challenges.


The multistage process towards net carbon zero performance is fully managed and integrated. Here are the main stages:


  1. Assess stock condition and current EPC performance
  2. Scope the scale of the works and Design the appropriate retrofit actions and budget
  3. Deliver retrofit programmes in a controlled sequence including Engaging with residents to minimise disruption and explain benefits.
  4. Monitor, Evaluate and Certificate performance of upgraded properties.

The existing condition and current energy performance of much of the UK’s social housing stock is largely undocumented. So the margins of error in budgets and schedules are significant.


The Osborne Property Services collaboration delivers the expertise and capacity to survey thousands of homes rapidly and efficiently. The resulting comprehensive asset condition data allows for accurate planning and budgeting.


Our extensive experience over 15 years in offsite energy efficient housing manufacture combined with real-world energy efficiency and zero carbon upgrades within our partnership skills will establish the most time and cost-effective methods for each situation. Options include internal and external wall insulation (including expanded polystyrene, spray foam and wood fibre), air-tightness membranes, draught proofing and replacement doors and windows.


Net zero carbon heating is one of the biggest challenges facing housing providers. Gas boilers are the predominant heating source today. These will need to be replaced with air source heat pumps, powered wherever possible by PV panels. Detailed planning and well-managed supply chains will be essential to minimise the financial and delivery risks of these substantial work programmes.


Osborne Property Services specialises in Total Asset Management. This approach delivers maximum efficiency and value for money by integrating zero carbon retrofit programmes with other work streams such as voids, responsive repairs and scheduled maintenance.

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