Understanding the needs and challenges of social housing providers

Understanding the needs and challenges of social housing providers

Social housing Landlords understand that their empty homes need to be turned around as quickly and efficiently as possible. This process is essential in ensuring that their empty homes are brought back up to standard so that they can be let to people who have been waiting for social housing. This turnaround is not only crucial for the income of the landlord, but it is also vital to the many prospective residents, waiting for a home.

Local authorities who provide social housing around the country are well aware that while a property is deemed void, they will not only be losing rental income, but they are also losing funds through missed council tax revenue. There is also the added housing crisis. This makes the housing of local people in their local communities a priority. So, using an experienced property service company to update and upgrade their empty housing stock in a benefit that assists with their care of the communities which they support.

Osborne Property Services Ltd looks after social housing for a number of local authorities. We understand that each newly void property needs to be treated as a separate project. Our experience has informed us that there is no single process to complete the updating of a void, as each dwelling comes with its own unique needs.

Our voids teams have extensive experience in how to coordinate our internal and external resources to meet these challenges. Each void is assessed, and the right specialisms are assigned to the property on a case-by-case basis. We are able to bring properties back into use in a matter of days while also lifting each property to an EPC rating of C. Once the work has been completed, the property is handed back to the local authority so that new customers can be housed.

Social housing is challenging for most authorities, so having support from property service experts can help to share the load.

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