OPSL Work Placement Opportunities Help Boost Student’s Confidence!

Work placement came on a regular basis to sit with in a variety of different departments at OPSL. This helped him to understand the business, interact with different people and increase his overall confidence.

Osborne Property Services is delighted to have provided an office-based work experience opportunity to Tayyab, a foundation student from Langley College. At OPSL, we understand the importance of providing students insight into various roles within our sector and are committed to supporting young people in their learning during their work experience. 

During his five weeks with us, Tayyab had the opportunity to work in our call centre, learning about the customer repair journey and spending valuable time with our compliance team and business development teams. Tayyab’s work placement journal reflected his initial aim to improve his confidence, and develop new skills. 

After completing the work experience, OPSL’s Social Value Manger, Sairah, offered Tayyab a one-to-one mentoring session to help him write his CV. Sairah worked closely with Tayyab to identify his strengths and skills gained during his work experience. Together, they crafted a CV that highlighted Tayyab’s achievements, skills and experiences. 

The placement went really well. My confidence has increased and I learnt a bit about excel which I didn’t know before. Being at Osborne for work experience will help my CV so I will be able to talk to employers about what I did in the placement here. 



Langley College 

We are proud to have supported Tayyab during and after his work placement and are dedicated to providing similar opportunities for young people to gain valuable experience and build their confidence. 

We were so pleased that OPSL were also able to accommodate one of our Foundation Students, Tayyab, for work experience, a few hours each week.  Osborne Property Services looked after him so well and made him very welcome and it was so rewarding to hear how he got on and also to see how his confidence grown. 

Fiona Doherty,
Industry Placement Adviser, 

Langley College 


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