Mock Interviews Make A Difference At Westgate School, Slough

Interview practice with school leaver


OPSL recently supported Westgate School’s Year 11 Mock Interview Day, marking a meaningful commitment to nurturing the next generation’s career development.

Organised by the school’s career lead, Karen Green, the initiative focused on enriching career education by providing students with a unique opportunity to engage in mock interviews, allowing them to tackle questions relating to competencies and soft skills. The ‘mock interview’ experience aimed to mirror a real job interview, providing a safe space for the students to practice and refine their interview skills, gain confidence, receive constructive feedback, and prepare them effectively for professional interactions.

Among business professionals across various sectors, OPSL’s Social Value Managers, Sairah and Neal, along with former student Trainee Estimator Louis, actively engaged with a number of Westgate students throughout the school day. Each student received 30 minutes of dedicated time where they participated in the interview and received constructive feedback.

OPSL is committed to providing young people with invaluable opportunities to develop essential skills, supporting their career education and pathways to success and employment.

Thank you once again turning up to support our school and students.  OPSL never fails to give us time and effort. We are also proud to watching Louis grow in your organisation.

Karen Green

Careers Leader, The Westgate School

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