Days in the shade and out of the rain for Parvaaz service users


Parvaaz service users enjoying their decking with the new sun sail. Installed by OPSL opperatives

Osborne Property Services has recently collaborated with The Parvaaz Project to provide weather protection for their small outside garden. Parvaaz Project, part of The Asian Health Agency, is a non-profit making charity that provides direct health and social care services to people with disabilities and substantial health needs and their carers. The centre is open all year round providing care services to those with special needs and is commissioned by Slough Borough Council for their services. 

The charity reached out to Osborne’s Social Value Manager, Sairah, asking for a solution that ensured their service users make more use of their small outside garden with some hot summer shade and light shower cover. Osborne donated a sail shade and fixings, and Osborne’s Multi-skilled Operative Radu fitted this above the decking area, using carabiner fixings making it quick and easy for the sail to be clipped in position during the changing weather conditions. 

In addition to the sail installation, Osborne also collected bespoke wildlife boxes from Greenwich, as part of a project with BBO Wildlife Trust, and delivered them to the Parvaaz Project to help introduce wildlife to their garden.  

Debbie Basset, Care Services Manager of The Parvaaz Project, expressed her gratitude towards Osborne for making this project a reality.  

 “With the turning of the weather for our clients to sit outside and be protected is a godsend. It has given our small garden a new lease of life, and with it our special needs clients including children, it has enabled them to spend time outdoors where they are enjoying the late summer sunshine, and watching the leaves begin to change colours as we move from summer to Autumn.” 

“The team installing the shade ensured that it can be removed and stored away safely without much effort. Thanks to the thoughtful way in which it was instilled we are hoping that we will be able to enjoy this feature for many years to come. We are truly indebted to Osborne for making this a reality. You have our heartfelt thanks.”  

Osborne Property Services are committed to making a positive impact on our local community and supporting initiatives that promote sustainability and environmental responsibility. 


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