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Osborne Property Services is setting the pace in evolving new approaches to maintaining social housing stock. Our focus is partnership working bringing collaboration to the forefront, developing meaningful and exceptional experiences for our customers and their residents as well as value creation.

Osborne Property Services is pleased to announce that it is now a Cardo Group company. Cardo Group is an enterprise bringing together a family of businesses which provide quality, value for money maintenance, compliance and retrofit services in the social housing and local authority sectors. Read more here


Osborne Property Services

Local authorities and social housing landlords face unprecedented pressures, such as housing shortages and funding constraints. Additionally, the need to make homes safer, more pleasant to live in and more energy efficient are leading many to explore different partnership models with repair and maintenance providers.

Osborne Property Services is setting the pace in evolving new approaches to maintaining social housing stock. Our focus is on total asset management, value creation, and delivering exceptional experiences for our customers and their residents. Our commitment to customer service is recognised by the Institute of Customer Service and our service excellence model is ISO 9001 certified.


Through our total asset management approach, we reduce the reliance on reactive repairs, while also implementing long-term improvements to the condition and performance of social housing through carefully executed programmes of planned works and voids management.


Our partnership ethos brings fresh thinking, innovation and flexibility to social housing repair and maintenance. This allows our customers to deliver more at a lower cost, while systematically improving the quality and performance of their housing stock.

Osborne Property Services

Responsive Repairs

We have extensive experience of delivering a fast, efficient 24/7/365 responsive repairs service across a diverse geographic area. The quality of our customer experience is recognised by the Institute of Customer Service.


By implementing our ISO9001 assured Excellence Model, we consistently deliver a high quality tailored service on all our contracts. The result is satisfied resident customers who rank us in the upper quartile of pre-agreed KPI’s.

Osborne Property Services

Planned Maintenance

With an established track record of completing works on time, to the right quality standard and within budget, coupled with the highest levels of customer satisfaction, Osborne Property Services has fast become a partner of choice in all elements of planned works.

Osborne Property Services

Voids/Empty Homes

Empty homes need to be refurbished as quickly as possible so new resident customers can move in. We work tirelessly to complete work ahead of time so properties can be offered to new resident customers with the minimum of delay, keeping waiting lists short and minimising lost rental income.

Osborne Property Services

Total Asset Management

Integrated service delivery combines responsive repairs, voids, and planned works under one contract. This Total Asset Management approach provides better long term management of housing stock. It reduces risks, ensures long term sustainability and maximises the financial value of assets. As members of the Institute of Asset Management, Osborne Property Services helps our customers to deliver Total Asset Management. We also work collaboratively with other contractors, where possible, for responsive repairs.

Osborne Property Services

Community Engagement & Investment

We help our customers deliver their commitments under the Social Value Act to improve the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of their customers and communities. Our social value framework is based on the British Standards (ISO 26000) for Social Responsibility and includes our Community Investment Policy, Goals & Strategies and Action Plan structure. The framework comprises seven areas: community involvement, social investment, education and culture, employment and skills, health, wealth and income creation, and technology.

Osborne Property Services

Housing Compliance

Can you track social housing safety compliance data efficiently? And are you 100% confident, 100% of the time, that all homes are safe for residents and meet the required standards for human habitation?


In response to the increasing expectations around housing compliance and the cruciality of being on top of compliance data, we are developing a product that will make managing this data more efficient and trustworthy.

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